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As an inspirational mentoring concept, Thinkerversity was designed by Dr. Leon Tsvasman for versatile strategic thinkers with a strong creative mindset, and is suitable for positioning, profiling and developing relevant skills.
The Honored Ambassadors stand for the Potential Relations, Value Creation, Complexity Research and Win-Win Cooperation with Thinkerversity.


Thinkerversity's Genuine Mission

#thinkerversity #mission #humanleadership

You study with Thinkerversity, less so that you can efficiently apply standardized problem-solving methods developed by others or even develop them independently, but rather to be able to offer credible and well-founded, authentic problem-solving in every practical situation of higher complexity. 

In this quality you are neither a researcher nor a user, but a systematically thinking genius who - supported in the future by highly efficient AI - effectively does the right thing from its own human potential.

You also learn to lead inspired individuals according to their intrinsic potentials...


Enabling Diversity of Thinkers Mindsets

Advanced Conceptual Mentoring Programm by Dr. Leon Tsvasman

"For the human-centered coping with complexity, humanity is urgently dependent on sovereign thinkers with real intrinsic knowledge-driven motivation, which is reinforced by a polymath educational background and sharpened by mentored mindset education. However, every local power-led society understands education at best only as a professional qualification through conditioning and conviction, which serves the respective order, but does not bring any added value to humanity or the individual. Thinkerversity is a concept to change this by inspiring those who want to know "why" and put it before "how" to activate the potentials of the world through individual thinking enabling."

 (Leon Tsvasman)

Are you too creative to be a scientist and too knowledge-focused to be an artist? 

Do you struggle to condense the increasing complexity?

Do you wish recognition of potential?

Would you prefer enabling over guidance?

Ambassadors of Honor

on Mission for Thinkerversity

Whether dedicated program graduates, benevolent polymaths or motivated professionals with a claim to enable other multi-talented contemporaries in their personal upgrade - the Thinkerversity concept inspires. 

Ambassadors on Mission for Thinkerversity are available to interested applicants, potential cooperation partners or interested media for questions on a voluntary basis or as freelance colleagues in the following fields.

Avatar 104

Ambassador for Potentials & Outreach

focus on candidates, participants, influencers

Avatar 109

Ambassador for Value Creation & Research

for conceptual and creative research collaboration

Avatar 95

Ambassador of Win-Win

for corporative, organizational and business partners & sponsors

Marketing Team-Meeting
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