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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your possible questions

What is Thinkerversity?

Thinkerversity is a mentorship concept, aimed to make a difference by inspiring and motivating potential-driven or gifted creative minds. 
That’s why individually steered mentoring with help of a specially conceived Learning Experience is preferred. 

Thinkerversity is also an exclusive method to mentor creative thinkers in their cybernetic-inspired thinking known as „strategic intelligence“ - a private educational intention of the Academic Initiative by Dr. Leon Tsvasman (AISICC).
Thinkerversity is therefore not an university or a college in a common sense, and its name mainly applies to „diversity of thinkers’ minds“.

What is AISICC?

AISICC is a private academic Initiative by Dr. Leon Tsvasman, which is free of any organizational interests, reason or support. It aims enchanting of individual potentiality of creative minds in their self-understanding as humanist thinkers.
AISICC it is not funded and depends on contributions from motivated students as self-payers and external sponsors.

How can the individually awarded recommendation, issued by Dr. Leon Tsvasman, support my career?

There are currently no formal reasons for employers to put you in a better position than competitors or to give you an attention credit according to such a recommendation.
Later on, your personal achievements and your reputation can help future graduates gain advantages, but these too will not be formal, but rather reputational.

With the mindset of AISIC, the awareness for cybernetic explanation of contexts and the related self-positioning, you will probably have a head (re-)start in life and at work.

If I get no formal advantages in my career, what are the aptitude tests and other AISIC study acknowledgments good for?

The tests and assessment tasks on this platform are designed so that you can use them for example for your personal development, research, publications, lecturing etc.
As an aspiring authentic intellectual, you will surely benefit in many ways from these exercises, but there is no formal or institutional use for it.

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