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While We Are Unique!

Free Aptitude Assessment
for Gifted Candidates

We find ourselves in unprecedented times.

But beyond actuality still lies human potential.

Are you a self-made influencer, creator, philosopher, researcher, or intellectual with an extraordinary personal history and an unique background?

C O R E  A S S E S S M E N T

• Draw your highest value from your own potential. 

• Turn the world of survival into the world of life.


Basic Task:

Read the original books by Dr. Leon Tsvasman in German slowly by using google or other online translation services and referred sources till an initial level of understanding, and illustrate its main concepts in your own creative piece of work* with proper references using:
(a) visualizations (graphics)

(b) relevant practice examples

(c) science-fiction narratives, etc.

Relavant E-Books:

AI-Thinking: Dialog eines Vordenkers und eines Praktikers über die Bedeutung künstlicher Intelligenz (2019):

Infosomatische Wende: Impulse für intelligentes Zivilisationsdesign (2021):

#intellect #cognition #creativity #insights #slowreading 

#criticalthinking #empathy 

You create a piece of work*. 
You put in brain & soul.

Thinkerversity criteria of excellence:

  • Consistent (not arbitrary)

  • Inspirational (not compulsive)

  • Motivated by inspiration (not by necessity)

  • Justified in itself (not by order).

(*) Your work should be conceptual and multidisciplinary. 

Allowed is any genre or combination - essay, movie, project, aphoristic, conceptual, or any kind of artwork.


You benefit from your Mentor's polymath perspective and gain his valuable Letter of Excellence as a Thinkerversity candidate, you can use in your professional life.

True value, you take with you for lifetime.

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