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Age of Complexity.

What is essential?

Complexity-proof intelligence - an ability to solve problems so that destructive consequences are avoided - requires at least a competence and an attitude.

The competence is systemic thinking that can be learned and that draws ideas from second order cybernetics. The attitude - an authentic creativity.

Individuals and organizations need both to be able to plan for a sustainable and resilient future - an indispensable prerequisite for any relevant activity.

Complexity-proof Mindsets powered by cybernetics can benefit from the research of Dr. Leon Tsvasman
The concepts like AI-ThinkingInfosomatic Civilizational DesignSapiocracy and Kunstflow Social Arts are an exclusive comprehensive basis for personal and organizational enlightenment in Management and Leadership, Governance and Politics, Economy and Education, Culture and Arts  - trainable with mentoring approach of Thinkerversity by Mindempire to enhance the autonomous growth of potential Thought Leaders.


As an inspirational mentoring concept, Thinkerversity was designed by Dr. Leon Tsvasman for versatile thinker potentials with a strong creative acumen, and is suitable for positioning, profiling and shaping their mindsets and thought leadership skills.

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helps individuals
to profile and position their educational pathways with the help of systemic concepts and related mindsets.

supports organizations and companies
with strategic advisory on visioning for innovative shared value creation.

Knowledge is most powerful if based on systemic thinking and inspired by creative minds. 
This kind of knowledge is best for a resilient personal development and sustainable innovations - in a world, where complexity rules the reasoning.

Leon Tsvasman

Human head and brain.Artificial Intellig


Enable your smarter future with help of

  • Inspiration: 
    thought-provoking content

  • Appreciation: 
    individual recommendations

  • Mentoring
    supervised micro-learning

  • Awards: 
    conceptual certificates

  • Monitoring: 
    sophisticated assessment 

  • Life Long Learning:
    comprehensive consulting

Original Instructional Methods

  • Education by Structural Awareness

  • Supervised Burberian Dialogue

  • Kunstflow Cure
    Curator-steered Self-motivated Learning by Art Flow

  • Makerversity by Co-Creation 

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky


Solve Future Problems Smarter 

  • Thought Leadership

  • Strategic Upgrade

  • Conceptual Visioning

  • Innovative Value Creation

  • Impulse Consulting

  • AI-Thinking Mindset

Ernst von Glasersfeld on teaching and radical constructivism
Ernst von Glasersfeld on Knowing and Heinz von Foerster
Origin Symposium III - Humberto Maturana - EN
Dr. Humberto Maturana - "Natural Evolutionary Drift"
Paul Watzlawick: MRI's mentors (Bateson, Jackson, Erickson, von Foerster)
Niklas Luhmann interview .mp4
Paul Watzlawick - in english (circa 1990 - audio recording)
Paul Watzlawick - When the solution is the problem (1987)


If you have any questions about the available consulting options, strategic intelligence, personal development, academic mentoring or collaboration arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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