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The Challenge of Thinking

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Statements for cybernetic Thinkers by Leon Tsvasman

The Thinkers Difference If you put a plenty of ice cubes in the ocean, they become the ocean, not the other way around. A human subject owes its free will to its creative awareness, which is based on the entire evolution. A mind of a creative thinker is intended to use the infinite potential of authentic knowledge to steer the integrity of the human civilization consisting of fragile equilibria in a humane and empathic way, while avoiding distortions and redundancies in a sustainable and resilient manner.

The Value of Versatile Thinker Mindsets

Most of the leaders and decision-makers nowadays still do not have authentic, but acquired or conditioned mindsets, so they are hardly motivated and able to take on real and not simulated or only monetary responsibility. The economy and politics, cleared of distortions, work in such a way that they best reward the real responsibility that enables sustainable preventive and resilient action - not only in monetary terms, but also with respect and trust.

The Value of Mindset Education

The only valuable education for me is based on the maturation of the attention quality of a conscious and creative - i.e. active, inspired and also inspiring - observer. In this sense, educated people think systemically and are able to verify, falsify and justify each of their conceptual findings. A person educated in this way can operate confidently and appreciatively with the knowledge of humanity. The most important insight on this path is the integrity-based awareness of not wanting to work destructively. For me this is in connection with the internalized cybernetic-ethical imperative by Heinz von Foerster, called Socrates of Cybernetic Thinking: "Always act in such a way that the number of your options increases". Followed by the ethical imperative, which reads: "If you want to see, learn to act

Educational technologies are flourishing and are already competing with one another. But myopic educational tools and services will soon become obsolete. Only those that are based on the vision of Thinkerversity become relevant milestones. This path is immense in terms of rethinking, but it is also intensive and therefore has to be taken relatively quickly..

The Know-Why of Thinkerversity You do not study with Thinkerversity in order to be able to efficiently apply the problem-solving methods standardized by others or even to develop them independently, but to be able to always and in every practical situation of higher complexity, to create a credible and well-founded authentic problem solution. In this quality you are neither a researcher nor a user, but a systematically thinking artist genius who - supported in the future by highly efficient AI - effectively does the right thing from his human potential. You also learn to lead intrinsically motivated people in accordance with their potential. The goal is a flexible enabling the individual potential and attention advantage through higher education with maximum functional individualization and adaptability. It should valid consultation intensity in real time and dynamic labor market relevance. In such an educational model, several values and - from an economic point of view - several services merge. On the one hand, with comprehensive study support by the global AI in the nearest future, you have an individual educational advisor who matures with your own person and knows your own individual potential better than you do. On the other hand, you have a socio-technical system as an upgrade in the sense of lifelong learning.

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