What really is Intelligence?

360 DEGREES AI: WHAT REALLY IS INTELLIGENCE? Interview with Dr. Leon Tsvasman In all discussions about the role of artificial intelligence, sooner or later the question arises as to how one should actually define “intelligence”. “Intelligence is the ability of an individual to act purposefully, to think sensibly and to deal effectively with his environment." This is how it is based on the common definition of the American psychologist David Wechsler from 1964, who dealt with

How Natural Uncertainty Became Artificial Clarity -

A brief sketch of the evolution of reasoning ahead of the era of global AI The biggest problem that we have ever had to solve is still uncertainty. And the greatest human resource to face this fundamental challenge is still attention. In order to overcome the uncertainty, our ancestors used their imagination by first choosing the desired physical conditions (satiety), and then (in the order) - situations (to be protected in a manageable space), events (together with others su